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Analyse your telephone calls automatically

Your calls are a fantastic and inexhaustible source of knowledge about customers’ expectations, requirements and experiences, the quality and efficiency of your service, your products, prices and fees as well as digital solutions, communication, marketing and competitors. And, with Speech Analytics, you have direct access to this knowledge.


  • Automate quality control
  • Uncover improvement potential within basically everything
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Determine scope of problems
  • Spot and react to trends as they arise
  • ‘Google’ examples of calls with regards to specific topics
  • Test new products, services, prices, etc.
  • Monitoring of competitors

Business cases

In this video, customer insight manager, Minna Olesen, shares Topdanmark’s experiences with Verint Speech Analytics.

Automate quality control

A lot of companies spend tremendous resources on controlling the quality of the service calls, for instance listening to recordings or listening in while the employee speaks to a customer and then quality-assessing the call afterwards. Others do not do this to a sufficient degree simply because the task is too big. Speech Analytics can automate a large portion of this work.


Avoid unnecessarily long calls

Too long customer calls are pure cost for the company. Map the reasons, calculate the costs of these calls, implement improvements and measure the effect.


Reduce churn

Identify calls, where the customer is very dissatisfied, have a churn-team contact the customers in question and measure the effect. Map the reasons and implement forward-thinking improvements and measure the effect.


More self-service
Identify and determine the scope of calls, where the employee does not utilise the possibility of referring the customer to a self-service solution. React in relation to the relevant employees and measure the effect.

Map the reasons why customers do not succeed in their attempt to use your self-service solution. Implement improvements and measure the effect.

Avoid disappointing customers

It is a breach of trust and expectations if the customer himself/herself has to call to press for an answer. Identify and determine how many of these calls you receive and the reasons for implementing improvements and measuring the effect.


Avoid bad letters and e-mails causing calls

Calls where customers call with questions or comments concerning something you have written to them could have been avoided if the written communication was ideal. Map and determine the scope of these unnecessary calls. Learn how to optimise communication and measure the effect.


Increase conversion

Use Speech Analytics to identify the unused sales potential and to learn from your best employees how the rest gets better at utilising the possibilities. Measure the effect.


Measure the effect of marketing

It has always been difficult to measure the actual effect of marketing campaigns. Speech Analytics can help you study how and to which extent customers react.


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