Stay closer to your employees – also when working from home

As a manager, what do you do, when you can’t just take daily a walk in the office, seeing and sensing in a natural way the mood and atmosphere in your team?  With Axcess Nordic Employee barometer and eNPS metrics, you will get an efficient management tool, telling you

  • Who has the most urgent need of help?
  • What are your employees missing right now to be able to deliver value?
  • What is the status of their engagement and loyalty?

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    We have made it easy to get started and packaged to solutions, which can be used separately or in combination. Our Employee barometer is an efficient well-being-survey, target employees working from home.

    The Barometer can be implemented alone or be combined with a so called eNPS-survey, providing you with important information about your employees engagement and loyalty.

     eNPS is direved from the widely recognized and used Net Promoter Score metric, enabling you with the options of benchmarking you against other companies and organisations.

    About Employee barometer

    COVID-19 changed normal work life for all of us in a second. Now we have had some weeks to adapt to new habits and routines. Axcess Nordic has spent the time to develop a solution, that can come in handy to you in this situation. The objective is to help you following your team more closely, though working from home – and help you not to overlook an urgent need of help.

    This is what you get

    • Online survey with 3 key questions for your team
    • Daily or weekly distribution
    • Alerts and live reporting for direct manager via online dashboard

    About Employee Net Promoter Score

    Employee Net Promoter Score or eNPS is a valuable employee survey, based on the same foundation as the international recognised Net Promoter Score. Based on the well proven concept of asking about the likelihood to recommend your company or organisation as a good place to work to others, you will get one of the strongest possible measures of your employee’s engagement and loyalty.

    For more information about NPS, read  here. (Danish only)

    This is what you get

    • An eNPS-survey can be conducted as a once off survey or as an ongoing survey, being monthly, quarterly or bi-yearly.
    • An online questionary distributed via e-mail or text message for the relevant employees.
    • Results reported in an analysis report (in the case of choosing once off survey) or via our online report portal GEMBA (in the case of choosing ongoing surveys).
    • In the case of ongoing surveys, results will be available right after the employee has given his or her feedback. This will help you take action quickly and relevant.

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