Customer surveys and evaluations does not improve agent performance and skills by themselves. It is still a task for the manager to ensure, that all the insights, you will get via your investments in Workforce Optimization will be turned into action.

With Performance Management or Quality Management you will be able to access a coaching workflow, that provides you with the option of streamlining coaching or supervision of individual agents.


  • Your coaching sessions will be based on a more objective, transparent and operational foundation
  • The agent will have a much better view of his or her performance and of how to improve
  • Team manager will spend less time planning preparing and post processing
  • Management will get deep insight in, just how efficient their team managers are in terms of performing their coaching tasks


Business cases:


Minimize time spend on preparation

Foundation for a successful coaching sessions is already within the system, i.e. in terms of examples and data. You will therefore enjoy the experience of minimizing your time spend on gathering data and examples in advance of your coaching session with an agent.


Focus on the agents who needs coaching most

The team managers time is often a scarce resource. Use insights from your WFO-systems to identify and prioritize who are most in need of coaching, supervision or training.


Are your coaches efficient?

Coaching is an investment of time for both manager and agent, and therefore you will be better off with a certain knowledge of whether the result is successful. With a coaching workflow system embedded in your WFO-software, you will be able to monitor, if results are improving after a coaching session.


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