Text analytics

(Automate the analytics of your emails, chats, social media and more)

Text Analytics provides you with full insight in to your digital communication like e-mail, webchat, social media, customer surveys and customer panels.

As an addition to Speech Analytics, Text Analytics is designed for the modern omni channel contact centre, aiming for a complete cross channel overview. Text Analytics allows you to investigate vital questions like: Reasons why customers contact you; the customers expectations, the customer experience and the agent handling.

Text Analytics will let you observe and locate hidden patterns and trends in large volumes of contacts to identify new issues and problems as they emerge – and act on them. You can also choose to focus exclusively on agent replies to monitor how customers questions are being handled.


  • Automate quality control
  • Uncover potential for improvement within basically everything
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Determine scope of problems
  • Spot and react to trends as they arise
  • ‘Google’ examples of emails etc. with regards to specific topics
  • Test new products, services, prices, etc.
  • Monitoring of competitors

Business cases

Automate quality control

A lot of companies spend tremendous resources on controlling the quality of the digital communication, for instance select and review e-mails, chat, customer comments etc. Others do not do this to a sufficient degree simply because the task is too big. Text Analytics can automate a large portion of this work.

Avoid unnecessarily long dialogues
Lenghty email dialoges with customers are pure cost for the company. Map the reasons, calculate the costs of the correspondences, implement improvements and measure the effect.
Reduce churn
Identify communication, where the customer is very dissatisfied, have a churn-team contact the customers in question and measure the effect. Map the reasons and implement forward-thinking improvements and measure the effect.
More self-service
Identify and determine the scope of correspondences, where your self service solutions appears to be insufficient.

Map the reasons why customers do not succeed in their attempt to use your self-service solution. Implement improvements and measure the effect.

Avoid disappointing customers
It is a breach of trust and expectations if the customers themselves has to contact you to press for an answer. Identify and determine how many of these contacts you receive and the reasons for implementing improvements and measuring the effect.
Be compliant with your communication policies
Do the agents use the correct words and phrases when answering the customers? Investigate, to what degree, your digital communication is compliant with your corporate policy. Identify initiatives for improving and measuring the effect.

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