Measure your customer satisfaction

It is becoming quite normal for companies to collect feedback from their customers through various channels: e-mail surveys, customer panels, sampling from fairs and shops, website and, of course, in connection with telephone calls. Many companies, unfortunately, also experience that all of this information is difficult to work with and that a lot of knowledge is lost simply because it has been collected so differently.

This is extra critical, as customers generally are less and less willing to answer satisfaction surveys. The solution is to distribute all the studies from the same tool providing you with access to work on all the answers at once across the various channels and regardless of the time they were collected.


  • Continuous measurements of points of contact
  • Ad hoc surveys
  • Customer panel
  • Continuous monitoring of the development of the customers’ expectations and experiences
  • Ensure uniform questions across channels
  • All survey types from one and the same solution
  • Support of IVR, e-mail, Text, Web, SoMe from one and the same solution
  • Intuitive and user-friendly tool
  • Can be combined with and create additional value for the other WFO solutions, e.g. Quality Management, Speech Analytics, Performance Management and Voice Recording
  • Built-in standard reports which provide management with a quick overview

Business cases

Save time on analysis

Companies often collect customer feedback via a number of different tools through different channels. This makes the work of compiling the data difficult and many today spend an inappropriate amount of time on processing data in Microsoft Excel.

By compiling all the surveys and data in the same system, the analysis part will become significantly easier and less time-consuming.


Activate all your feedback data in a new way

It is not unusual for companies not to utilise all the feedback data they collect, simply because they collect it in different system and they end up remaining passively in various spreadsheets.

By compiling the collection in the same system, you will experience being able to activate and reuse answers from all your customer surveys. This will give you a higher volume to work with and a safety in knowing that you actually get to view all your data.


Reduce churn

Identify customer interactions where customers are very dissatisfied and express their dissatisfaction in a survey. Have a churn team contact the customers and measure the effect. Map the reasons and implement forward-thinking improvements and measure the effect.


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