Workforce Management

Even though Microsoft Excel and manual procedures are used to a wide extent in connection with workforce planning, most people would probably also admit that it is not quite optimal. A professional Work Management system makes resource management work easier and changes the discipline from a bitter duty to something which may potentially free resources to more value-adding activities.

In addition, because the tool, at the same time, engages the employees in the actual management, the users of Workforce Management typically experience a true synergy effect: Higher employee satisfaction, more efficient customer service and increased customer satisfaction.


  • Build precise prognoses in a matter of minutes – not days
  • Supports rule-based automation so that work schedules can be built in minutes
  • Reduces excess consumption of contact centre employees
  • Use historic data to predict top and bottom of the amount of phone calls
  • Change the system in real-time so you, for instance, may offer overtime on the same day and let the employees pick within the system
  • Involve your contact centre employees by giving them insight into their work
  • Support Apple IOS and Android units so your employees can see and interact with their work schedules on their phone/tablet

Business cases

Avoid overbooking resources

All contact centres experience workload fluctuations (phone, chat, e-mail, etc.), so prognoses and resource management is vital when it comes to finding the right staffing level. The solution helps avoid unnecessary over-staffing.


Higher customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an important parameter for all modern businesses. Long response times lead to poor customer experiences and dissatisfaction. If your customers are to experience a quick and efficient handling of customer enquiries, it is important that you have an efficient management tool to ensure that the right number of employees are available when need be.


Engage your employees and create increased productivity

Provide your employees with more options of designing their own work schedule and make it possible for them to exchange shifts and take on extra shifts without having to spend costly management time on control and communication. Use the tool, at the same time, to encourage further education and a healthy competitive environment by introducing elements of so-called ‘gamification’ into the organisation. All of this may have a positive effect on employee satisfaction and provide better customer experiences.


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