Knowledge Management

Getting it right the first time is a strategy employed by many contact centres. The issue, however, is that it can be difficult for employees to find the correct information during hectic times. It is not that the company does not provide this information or the instructions; it is simply that there is too much information available.

This is solved by Knowledge Management by allowing employees to quickly ‘google’ through the intranet, and anywhere else information is stored, and to retrieve the necessary information – thereby enabling them to finish the call completely.


  • Knowledge sharing across roles (management, employees, etc.)
  • Reduces time used spent searching for answers
  • Shares company knowledge effectively
  • Enables high customer satisfaction
  • Increases contact centre employee productivity
  • Ensures consistency across all channels (website, phone, chat, etc.)
  • Reduces training and education of new employees
  • Workflow to control knowledge management, handling and sharing

Business cases

Reduce the length of the calls

Longer customer calls can be caused by the fact that the employee lacks the right information and has to look for it on the intranet or website. In those situations, Knowledge Management can help reduce the length of the call.


Higher customer satisfaction

When customers call to get answers to a question, solve a problem or get an offer, they expect the employee to be able to help them immediately. When the employee cannot answer, it is a source of annoyance. Knowledge Management can contribute to eliminating this source of dissatisfaction.


Reduce the onboarding time for new employees

New employees must always be trained, educated and made familiar with systems before they can step into the role and be valuable to the organisation. By giving new colleagues access to Knowledge Management, you will shorten the onboarding time.


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