Self-service success

Even the best self-service solutions may create calls to customer service from customers who have got stuck on the way. This is unfortunate for several reasons:

  • It stops you from being as digital as you would like
  • It is an unnecessary cost for the customer centre
  • It gives the customer the unnecessary hassle of having to call you
  • This may result in dissatisfaction because the customer does not succeed in using his/her preferred channel


If you already use Knowledge Management to present the right knowledge at the right time to your employees, you can do the same for your customers. Knowledge Management makes it possible for you to present relevant information to your customers at the right time while they are using your self-service solution.

Business cases:


Better ROI on your digital solutions

Self-service solutions may be costly so it makes financial sense to ensure that they are used optimally. The Knowledge Management solution for your self-service solutions should thus lead to more customers completing their self-service attempts and thus to a better ‘return on investment’ for your digital investments.


Customer centre savings

Fewer so-called ‘failure calls’ from customers who have attempted to handle a problem on their own will, of course, represent a potential saving for the customer centre. If you have Speech Analytics, you can compute how many calls you receive before and after implementing Knowledge Management in connection with your self-service solutions.


Increase customer satisfaction

The customers who attempt to handle a problem on their own do so with one purpose. So it is all about getting more skilled at ensuring that more customers complete their mission online. This will prevent dissatisfaction and the experience of an unnecessary bother.


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