Recognise your customers by their voices

It prolongs your customer calls when the customer needs to identify themselves by means of social security number and control questions before you can help them. There will always be a flicker of a doubt as to whether it is the right customer you are talking to.

With voice recognition software (Voice Identity Authentication) you can let the system identify the customer solely on his/her voice, a bit like an iris scanner identifies a person only be examining the eyeball, and skip directly ahead to the call. This is, of course, a win-win situation as it saves time, increases security and provides the customer with a better experience.

Business cases:


Shorter calls

When the customer automatically identifies himself/herself simply by using his/her voice, it is possible to reduce the length of the call. Voice recognition can, therefore, help reduce the number of man hours needed to service your customers.


Customer satisfaction

If it takes too long at the beginning of a call to identify the customer and to ask control questions, this may cause increased dissatisfaction. If you, on the other hand, reduce this element right down to a bare minimum, you will at the same time improve your options of focusing on creating a more efficient customer service and good customer experiences. Ultimately, you will increase the possibility of creating more satisfied customers.


Increase security

There is always a risk associated with manual security procedures; this is also the case when you ask your customers to answer security questions in order to identify them. With voice recognition, you increase the likelihood of talking to the right person.


Save time on quality control

Some companies spend a disproportionate amount of time on quality control and on documenting that they comply with legislation and rules in order to be able to hand over personal information to customers calling them. With Voice Identity Authentication you can minimise the manual procedures in this regard because all customers will be identified correctly when they call.


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