Desktop and Process Analytics

It is popular to work with the ‘customer journey’ but the ’employee journey’ is just as important to get a handle on if you want a more efficient customer centre. Desktop and Process Analytics (DPA) provides you with a unique insight into precisely which applications the employees use and when they use them. DPA is an efficient tool to shed light on the employees’ use of your customer systems and sales tools, for example, and to use this knowledge to improve work processes.


  • Compliance requirements in relation to the use of the applications and work processes can be monitored.
  • Receive information which can identify efficient behaviour and use of applications.
  • ‘Tag’ relevant information from the screen and attach it to recorded calls (e.g. customer number, social security number, etc.)
  • Automatically stop recording (e.g. in connection with payment card information)
  • Activate pop-up-messages with relevant information
  • Identify the use of work-related programs and non-work-related programs
  • Monitor productivity (e.g. how many hours the computer screen actually shows activity)

Business cases

Meet PCI Compliance requirements and avoid fines

Authorities establish requirements with regards to the handling of customer-sensitive data and, here, DPA can ensure that your Compliance recording does not record sensitive information, such as payment card information and/or social security numbers, which are given over the phone or possibly typed on the screen.


Increase productivity

Which programs do the employees use when they talk to customers? An analysis of this may lead to an understanding of many things in regards to who works efficiently, which programs are relevant in the customer interaction and may ultimately lead to higher productivity.


Support management's KPIs

All companies and organisations have objectives and a desire to evolve. Use DPA to support your KPIs, so that, for instance, employee productivity can be monitored and clarified.


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