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A service-oriented company or organisation needs reliable insight into the experiences of their customers, members or citizens. However, there is also a lot of talk about the ‘buzzword’ and concept of ‘Voice of the Customer’. A Google search for ‘Voice of Customer’ gave over 150 million articles on the subject, so where do you start really?

There are basically two ways of gaining insight into ‘Voice of the Customer’ in the contact between you and your customers, members or citizens:

  • You can ask them directly (satisfaction surveys)
  • You can study and analyse their dialogue

About asking directly

The satisfaction survey is a ‘must have’ for most companies and organisations today. Some collect feedback in the connection with their points of contact and others send out the occasional questionnaire, while some others make use of customer panels. Axcess Nordic can deliver all of this.

About studying and analysing their dialogue

An increasing number of companies record their customer calls today in order to be able to listen to a selection of them. The next step is typically to use the tool Speech Analytics to automatically listen to and analyse the contents of all the calls. And you can use the tool Text Analytics to study and analyse the written channels of communication, such as e-mails and chat.

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We help service-oriented companies and organisations throughout the Nordic countries to optimise and develop their customer experience. At the same time, we help Nordic finance houses and energy companies with telephony and information systems.

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