Engagement Management

It is common for customer centre employees to deal with a myriad of systems, applications and databases while also handling customers. This may lead to a mistake and the customer having to wait while the employee browses around for the right information.

In practice, this means that a skilled employee has to be a specialist at customer service but also at navigating all your systems. This means a longer onboarding time and often a focus on systems instead of on customers.

With an Engagement Management solution, you will compile the access to your customer databases, services processes and communications channels into one screen display for the employee.

This means that the employee will have the same easy access to provide excellent service – regardless of whether it is a new employee being trained or an experienced specialist.

Business cases

More is done right the first time = fewer recalls

A significant reason to invest in a communications centre would be to avoid the mistakes which otherwise will arise when the systems available to the employee are too complex to handle. Furthermore, to place the employee in a position where they are even more capable of ensuring that the customer gets their issue resolved the first time they call. For this reason, an investment in a communications centre will reflect a decline in the number of return calls and thereby lower costs per customer contact.


Shorter calls (AHT)

A communications centre solution will place the employee in a position to help customers quickly and the average call time will drop. This means a shorter wait for the customers and increased satisfaction. At the same time, there is a significant savings potential when the same employees can handle more calls than today.


Easier to onboard agents and to keep them

Just as in everyone else, your employees will always want to do their job as effectively and as good as possible. With a customer centre solution, they will truly be able to focus on the thing that is most important, namely the customers. This shortens the on-boarding time of new colleagues. And it helps you to maintain the right employees when they no longer experience that ‘system issues’ prevent them from delivering the good service they are passionate about.


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