It is no secret that many customers call the customer centre – or start a chat session – because they have got stuck on your website. It is, therefore, a part of a modern customer centre’s tasks to help the customer service themselves.

This is because this is how some customers want it. Because the customer then perhaps will be able to handle the issue without calling, when you help them understand your self-service solution. With Co-browsing you will have a tool so that you can see the customer’s screen display which makes it a whole lot easier to help the customer in the right way.

The solution requires that you have Engagement Management.


  • The customer and the employee can browse the same website simultaneously.
  • Makes it possible to help the customer while he/she services himself/herself
  • Can be started via chat or phone call
  • All employees can help customers fill out complex online transactions
  • The employee can communicate with the customer along the way

Business cases

Solve the customer's problem using your self-service feature

With Co-browsing, the agent and the customer will see the same website. The agent can see the customer’s cursor and what the customer types. This way, the agent can help the customer fill out forms correctly or access the right pages.


More self-service

When you show the customer what he or she needs to do to take care of business himself/herself, there is a good chance the customer will manage on his/her own next time. A Co-browsing solution will thus help you increase the self-service share.


Increase customer satisfaction and the desire to recommend you to others

Customers value quick and efficient help. This also applies when they have a problem with your self-service and calls to get your help. Co-browsing makes the employee capable of quickly understanding the customer’s problem and solving it. It also saves the same customer the hassle of having to call you again in regards to the same topic.


First time right

When both parties look at the same, there is a good chance of solving the customers entire problem with your self-service in one go. Many companies have a strategic objective of helping the customer 100% the first time, and Co-browsing supports this. The result should be fewer recalls from customers with respect to the same topic.


Shorter calls and chat sessions

Co-browsing makes it easier and thus also quicker for the customer to explain what he or she sees on his/her screen and for the employee to understand the problem and explain a solution. The result of a Co-browsing solution should, therefore, be shorter calls and chat sessions in these situations.


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