Record and listen to your telephone calls

You can listen to the ‘Voice of the Customer’ in many ways. Some start by sitting down next to an employee in the customer centre and listening in on the calls. However, an increasing number are recording the calls in order to be able to return to them and listen more than once. And not to influence the situation in the same way as if you are sitting at the very table.

Recording of calls forms the basis of many Workforce Optimization systems and is thus a natural place to start when you wish to make your customer centre more efficient.


  • Filtered search of the calls based on when the call was received, duration, who called, who took the call, was it forwarded, etc.
  • Play the recording at normal speed or faster
  • Add your notes to the call to be able to easily to return precisely to that sequence again
  • Mark calls you wish to listen to later
  • Stereo recordings make it possible to play one channel at a time
  • Easy to share calls with colleagues

If you simultaneously invest in Desktop Process Analytics (DPA), you can save information from your customer systems, e.g. a customer number, along with the recording which makes it easier to search for and find calls.



Business cases

'The voice of the customer' - directly from the source

In reality, all the different variations of customer measurements and surveys are detours to understanding ‘the voice of the customer’. The customer calls, on the other hand, are your access to ‘the voice of the customer’ directly from the source. For this reason, efficient customer-focus initiatives start with you listening to customer calls.


Save time on finding interesting calls

The player makes it possible to mark calls or elements thereof which you find interesting to return to. This way, it is easy to find it again between thousands of other calls you have recorded and saved


Save time on listening

A five minute call normally takes five minutes to listen to – nothing weird there. However, a good ‘recorder’ provides you with the option of searching for relevant calls based on a number of different criteria. And with a good recording function you can reduce the time spent on listening with compromising the result.

Calls between people contain a lot of pauses. The visual part of the play function makes it possible to skip these pauses when you listen. And then the recorder also provides the option of playing the call at a faster speed; all things that will save you time on listening to the individual calls.


Focus on the customer experience

Because you record the calls in stereo, you have the option of muting the employee completely and just listening to the customer. This is a really good exercise in listening for the things the customer is REALLY saying. If you also have Speech Analytics, this function enables you to search for and categorise calls solely on the basis of the words or themes mentioned by the customer.


Focus on the employee

Fordi I optager samtalerne i stereo, giver det jer mulighed for at skrue helt ned for kunden og alene lytte til medarbejderen. Det er en rigtig god øvelse i at fokusere på, hvordan medarbejderen rent faktisk formulerer sig. Studere spørgeteknik og rådgivning osv. Og har I også Speech Analytics, gør denne funktion det muligt at fremsøge og kategorisere samtaler alene efter ord og temaer fremsat af medarbejderen.   


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