Competing against one another does not only make everyday life at the customer centre more fun. It also increases the desire to make an effort. With gamification, you will get a fun and inspirational platform to follow and celebrate the small everyday improvements by utilising elements from the world of computer games.

However, let there be no mistake, gamification is more than just a funny gimmick, it is an efficient tool to support the company’s objectives and achieve a higher degree of employee satisfaction.

Reducing onboarding time with 50%

“In the past, when we onboarded new employees, there’d be a drop of 5-6% in customer satisfaction and performance metrics as employees learned how to work. Now there is hardly any decline and employees ramp-up and become productive twice as fast, ” says Fredrik Jakobsson, Global Program Development Manager.

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  • Makes it easy to engage the employees in fun competitions/games in all the things you measure them on anyway.
  • You can, for instance, compete in completing most of the right e-learning courses, who services the most customers right the first time or who gets the most sales.
  • Provides access to fun ‘gaming universes’ which improves the employees’ experience of the competitive element significantly.
  • The competitions are constructed as classical computer games, e.g. as a race, building virtual cities or sports matches

Business cases

Make it easier to lift performances

It can come as no surprise to anyone that a bit of healthy competition in everyday life can lift performances. This is the case regardless of where you work and, therefore, also at the customer centre. Most customer centres have, for this reason, always experimented with various forms of competition. Gamification just makes this easier for you by utilising the competitive element, and our experiences show that it works.


Involve everyone in achieving your strategic objectives

It can sometimes be difficult from the customer centre employee’s perspective to connect management’s strategic objectives with everyday tasks. It is also difficult to really get involved. Gamification is a way to translate the achievement of objectives into something concrete and measurable – and fun.


Strengthen job satisfaction

It is quite simple actually; gamification is a way to transform ‘performance management exercises’ into fun and engaging experiences for the individual and team. There are many examples showing that fun, engaging competitions increase job satisfaction. That is because it becomes more fun to do the same job and because the employees to a larger degree will feel that their efforts are appreciated and made visible.


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