Quality Management

For employees in a customer centre, it is very important to get feedback and to get it on the right basis. Quality Management is a tool for those who invest resources in evaluating customer calls. Or who dream to do so, but do not have the resources.

With Quality Management, you will have a tool to evaluate several customer calls in a more efficient, structured, and uniform way. This gives you a far better starting point for giving the individual employee constructive feedback.

And to monitor and report on the development of your service. It is easy to create evaluation forms and to involve several colleagues in the work. Then, Quality Management also works really well with the other Workforce Optimisation (WFO) tools.


  • Shared inbox: Use Quality Management to sort the calls your continuously listen to
  • Easy to create and adjust evaluation forms
  • Calibration – a function which makes it easy to coordinate your way of listening and evaluating
  • Create notes directly in the conversation to mark what you evaluate
  • Mark out calls for evaluation on a continuous basis – this way you will easily find them again
  • See a transcript of the calls while you evaluate (requires Speech Analytics)
  • Use meta data to target the evaluation work (e.g. length, employee or customer)
  • Evaluate calls with negative or positive feedback score from your customer feedback surveys
  • Evaluate employee processes (use of applications) (requires screen recording or Desk Top Process Analytics)
  • Evaluate calls on certain topics (requires Speech Analytics)

Business cases


Work smarter and cut down on Microsoft Excel

Perform evaluations and reporting directly into the system which makes both things easier and you do not have to perform registrations in Microsoft Excel. In addition, it becomes easier to make the dynamic changes in question and a reporting form.


Share the evaluation work between more people and evaluate more.

Get two people to recount the same experience, and you will have two very different interpretations. The same applies if more people evaluate your calls. For this reason, the evaluation work is often centred on a few key people.

Quality Management makes it possible for you to coordinate and streamline your way of evaluating, e.g. by using the calibration part. In this way, you can distribute the work between more people without compromising the quality of it.


Engage colleagues more with respect to customer development and change

Quality Management makes it easy to distribute the evaluation work between more people with the same – not to say a better – result. Employees will be able to evaluate themselves and each other on exactly the same terms as if a team leader or a ‘quality person’ did it. Moreover, the more people who participate in this, the more engaged they will become.


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