Performance Management

To manage and run employees across an organisation to achieve a higher customer satisfaction, to sell more or whatever it is management wants, is no easy task. Performance Management programs can help organisations with a continuous, data driven showing of how things are going with respect to meeting targets. Which individuals and departments are ‘in the green’ and who are ‘in the red’?


  • Data from many systems can be presented in an overview
  • Scorecards (KPI) can be tailored and made visible for everyone
  • The individual employee can follow his/her development continuously from one hour to the next
  • Trend analysis – are you experiencing a positive or negative development?
  • Management and employees can go into the reasons behind the figures, directly from the Performance Management program
  • Supports management by supplying tools to deliver coaching and E-learning on the basis of performance
  • Improved individual and team performance
  • Option of attaching the applications ’Gamification’, E-learning and Coaching to achieve increased involvement and motivation
  • Option of integration with Quality Management, Speech Analytics, Customer satisfaction measurements, etc.

Business cases

Support management objectives (KPI)

All companies and organisations have objectives and a desire to evolve. Use Performance Management to support your KPIs so that everyone within the organisation can follow their own and other people’s performance.


Increased sale and higher customer satisfaction

Sales figures and customer satisfaction are rarely measured in the same system. Use Performance Management to compile your data in one screen display and present the results in an engaging way.


Support change in the organisation and its culture

It can be difficult to move the organisational culture, regardless of whether the aim is to achieve a more customer-oriented, a more sales-oriented culture or something entirely different. For this to succeed there is a need to be able to share insight about progress in an easy and manageable way, for the individual, department and the organisation as a whole. Performance Management is a really good tool for this.


Avoid time-consuming reporting

It is not quite efficient enough for a modern customer centre when management and analysts have to spend a long time collecting, processing and presenting data as well as reporting on progress in relation to your objective. Performance Management saves you a lot of this bother which you then may use more sensibly together with your employees on lifting their performances on the basis of the data which you are given for ‘free’.


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