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How to get started with resource planning tools in the contact centre – demo of Calabrio WFM

Resource planning is a key function in a contact centre, getting the right balance of having the right number of people, at the right time, with the right skill to achieve the business service levels.

While planning for a smaller operation with straight forward opening hours for customer to call, the task of planning is fairly easy. However as soon as you are adding more agents, extend opening hour and therefore increasing the need of a more fair and flexible schedules to meet the companies need, the task for scheduling soon become a very resource draining & complex task to get it right.

Adding minor changes into the mix like ad-hoc vacation requests or adding sickness, forcing you to re schedule & re forecast the day, both which will rock the boat seriously, making it hard to reach your service level goals.

Sign up for this webinar to get a high level understanding of how a solid Workforce Management system will change the manual and trivial task of scheduling into a valuable & more automated process that will benefit not only your planners but also boosting employee engagement and creating a better customer service.

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