Fraud detection

Verint Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection is Verint´s solution for utilizing the Call Recording with embedded voice biometrics to authenticate the callers faster and more secure than traditional processes, that today includes asking for personal information and asking security questions.

Over time, the companies using the technology can develop a database of fraudsters voiceprint that are unique to each individual. Screening is performed in realtime, ensuring that potential fraud is stopped before it happens and the customer experience for legitimate callers are kept.

We believe in the potential for this technology, in particular the financial sector who already today have deployed compliance recording solutions and therefore have the foundation to take the compliance task to the next level and proactively secure them self against fraud.


  • Deliver a better customer experience by reducing the need for security questions.
  • Enhance customer security and reduce fraud-related losses
  • Reduce average handle time and contact center costs
  • Easy to deploy. Deploying the solution to your existing Verint applications (Call Recording), you are adding functionality to already known interface, admin and roles.
  • Within seconds of the conversation, the agent can be notified in the background of a positive ID check

Business cases

Avoid fraud

Providing personal information or fulfilling transactions to the wrong party, can be a costly affair in many aspects (direct monetary, fines from regulations and PR)

Reducing the AHT

Today´s contact center experience for the end customer, typically includes providing information to a IVR and when finally meet by a human being, a series of questions are asked to provide certainty for the company of the ID of the caller. This creates a long AHT, that we could reduce by using technology to short cut the ID process.

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