Verint Verba

Verint Verba is a high-end enterprise trading and collaboration compliance platform for the financial services industry.

Verint Verba solutions fulfills the requirements within compliance recording that financial institutions, banks and others with trading floor activities must comply with. Furthermore, it supports trading floor communication platforms like IPC and BT.

Verint Verba is also a perfect match to Microsoft, with direct integration options for Skype for Business and gives the opportunity to record all kinds of communication like voice, video, chat, screen etc.

Axcess Nordic have been partners with Verint Verba since 2017, when they where acquired by Verint Systems. Verba is now an integral part of Verints suite of solutions.

Our consultants are now fully trained and certified – ready to help the Nordic market get started.

pany focuses on IT infrastructure, client services, security, collaboration and many other elements within an organisation’s IT set-up. ATEA supplies and operates in all the Nordic countries.


Reliable communication is the key to an efficient workstation when finance houses’ and energy companies’ trading departments act on the global markets.

IPC is one of the global market leaders with information and communication technology for trading floors, and it is a company known for its ability to satisfy even the most demanding traders.

Axcess Nordic and IPC have been partners for more than 10 years and Axcess Nordic delivers and supports IPC’s solutions for several Nordic finance and energy companies using IPC as a modern and efficient communications platform.


Verint Systems

Axcess Nordic has delivered solutions from Verint Systems since 2011. Verint systems offer a wide range of solutions for the modern customer centre. Tools which make work more efficient (e.g. workforce management and communication centres), improve customer communication (e.g. Quality Management), deliver operational insight (e.g. Speech Analytics) and regular communication systems.

Verint Systems is a global market leader within the area typically referred to as WFO (Work Force Optimisation) and WFM (Workforce Management) and more than 10,000 companies and organisations in more than 180 countries – including 80% of Forbes Fortune 100 companies – use solutions from Verint Systems.

According to Gartner Magic Quadrant as well as Forrester Wawe Verint is among the 3 leading WFO players.

Axcess Nordic sells and implements solutions on behalf of Verint Systems in the Nordic countries and has status of Platinum Partner (highest possible partner status), which requires an extensive knowledge of the company’s solutions.


Axcess Nordic has formed a partnership with Avaya to be able to offer certified consultancy. We sell, implement, support and consult on Workforce Optimisation (WFO) and Workforce Management (WFM) solutions for Avaya platforms.

Avaya forms a strategic partnership with Verint Systems. This means that if you use an Avaya platform you will be able to buy WFO and WFM solutions from Verint Systems through Avaya. This way, you will have access to best-in-class solutions and direct support.

Avaya is a global market leader within IP telephony, collaboration and contact centre solutions. Over the last 10 years, Avaya solutions for more than 4.5million customer centre employees have been implemented worldwide.

In the Nordic countries, Avaya plays a dominant role, especially within contact centre solutions.

Axcess Nordic is a certified Avaya partner.


Axcess Nordic has a focused approach to supporting Cisco’s collaboration solutions which, among other things, entails a number of solutions which can work on top of a Cisco based telephony and contact centre set-up. We offer in this way, among other things, certified consultancy and we are licensed to sell, implement, support and consult on Workforce Optimisation (WFO) and Workforce Management (WFM) solutions for Cisco platforms.

Cisco has entered into a strategic partnership with Calabrio as well as Verint Systems, enabling you as a Cisco customer to buy WFO and WFM solutions from Calabrio and Verint systems via Cisco and, in this way, gain access to best-in class solutions which are compatible and offer direct support. Solutions can be bought as Cisco-OEM or via the so-called Cisco Solution Plus program.

Cisco is a global market leader within IP telephony, video, collaboration and contact centre solutions.


Endor is an Icelandic company with its headquarters in Reykavik. The company specialises in IT infrastructure solutions. Endor delivers IT services taking responsibility for the entire delivery.

The partnership with Endor means that Axcess Nordic can offer companies and organisations in Iceland our solutions and services. Endor distributes the solutions on behalf of Axcess Nordic to the Icelandic market.

Axcess Nordic works together to help our customers in Iceland using Thomson Reuters information solutions. Needs for support are managed in close cooperation between Endor and Axcess Nordic.


Refinitiv (formerly known as Thomson Reuters) is one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure, serving over 40.000 institutions in over 150 countries. The fact alone, that Refinitiv has more than 45.000 employees on the payroll, tells about the significance of this company.

Axcess Nordic and Refinitiv has cooperated since 2013 delivering financial news for Nordic trade floors. Axcess Nordic provides service and support on the behalf of Refinitiv for banks and energy companies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland – remote and onsite

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