Automated verifications

Verint financial compliance suite offers automated verifications, with a suite of solutions: Policy check, Systems check, Operations check, Policy engine and Media Vault.

The Verint Automated Verification software is designed specifically for organisations whose voice recording communications are key to the business and where assurance is paramount to managing compliance risk.

The compliance solutions deliver automated testing and operational intelligence by confirming voice services are functioning at an optimal level across multiple technologies, voice transactions are being captured and retained per company policy and at an acceptable quality, user behaviour is in line with policy and calls are readily accessible for audit and/or litigation purposes.

Verint purchased the company Nxtera in 2017 to enhance the capabilities within automation and compliance, bringing the leading technology in to the Verint suite and by that, providing the strongest and broadest suite in the industry for communication compliance.


  • Parity Policy Check is constantly logging and comparing all information behind the scenes of every call entering and leaving a voice environment, against calls recorded, recording policy applied and actual calls recorded in line with the policy.
  • Testing of the entire voice communications and recording infrastructure, indicating and alerting if any does not add up.
  • Automation of “Walk the floor” and routine checks
  • Proactively simulates the use of critical communication paths with automated “walk the floor” audio quality testing to help ensure workstation, voice platform, and call recorder availability, and that calls can be retrieved correctly.
  • Realtime alerts if there are failures against policy
  • Retrieve Media Vault provides a single media vault to locate and extract all call records, any recorded data, whether recent or legacy, to be retrieved in a readable, compliant format for provision of evidence or internal investigation, into a secure, digitally signed, auditable, open standards database — rapidly and without human intervention
  • Verify Policy Engine compares rules and regulations to actual policies applied to the compliance infrastructure to validate the performance of business-level functions.
  • The solution tracks users, job roles, and change requests to help ensure that policies are applied correctly.
  • Vendor-independent, meaning it can work wide a broad variety of communication solutions within the trader voice, contact center, compliance recording solutions and more.

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