The most sophisticated line-up of product, service and innovation partners

Axcess Nordic has developed a comprehensive partnering strategy to ensure value for both clients and business partners.

Beyond the one-stop-shop

Axcess Nordics ambition is to go beyond being the one-stop-shop for our clients’ IT system and infrastructure needs. Through the Axcess Nordics product showroom and fully live trading floor in central Copenhagen, we have created a community for our clients.

We interact with several strategic partners to ensure first-hand knowledge of the demands and wishes for future generations of traders. Trainers, business academy students and public institutions participate in a mutually beneficial arrangement, allowing all of us to create, motivate and innovate.

Partner benefits

Partners will have access to a broad range of potential clients, from niche markets and businesses typically out-of-reach for most large-scale operations, to some of the largest financial institutions in Scandinavia. Partners also benefit from our live and fully functional product showroom. In exchange for this exposure to formerly untapped revenue sources, Axcess Nordic are able to offer existing clients access to an ever-expanding portfolio of professional trading services.