Financial agreements

A seating deal with Axcess Nordic offers the perfect match between technology and trader profiles. Think of Trading as a Service as a matchmaker. Clients find the best traders and we complete their potential by helping them design the trading desk of their dreams. Once it’s designed, we bring it right to the clients doorstep, install it and service it over the lifetime of the equipment – all for a fixed monthly fee.

Trading as a service benefits businesses in several key ways:

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Cost transparency and predictability
  • Attractive tax incentives

With Trading as a service, clients have a cost-effective way to scale their operations according to their company’s growth potential. You know how much your IT infrastructure will cost you each month, and you can even deduct the leasing fees from your company’s tax returns (depending on your local tax regulations).

Trading as a service can also give businesses transparency regarding their business performance, as they can generate monthly reports regarding their trading profits, seating expenses, salaries and real-time license costs.

Service agreements

The keyword in an Axcess Nordic seating deal is service. After delivery and installation, Axcess Nordic is committed to keeping the clients' IT infrastructure running smoothly. With us, the only risk clients have to worry about is business risk.

A standard Trading as a Service agreement is also free of the extra fees and service charges clients might find with other leasing agreements. Instead of numerous surcharges, we’ve packed our seating deals with a wide range of value-added services. Clients benefit from:

  • 24/7/365 emergency or high incident response
  • Regular or ongoing service inspections
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • High priority telephone response
  • Replacements
  • A dedicated IT consultant
  • Regular consultation sessions

IT service for small- to mid-sized businesses

The Axcess Nordic service agreement includes the highest quality trading equipment, ensuring that clients have the most reliable, high-performance IT environment for their dealers. In the unlikely event that there should be a malfunction with some of the equipment, the seating deal gives you access to the most capable technicians available. Small- to mid-sized businesses therefore get all the benefits of an in-house IT department, but at a fraction of the cost.

Minimal transaction costs after expiration

A leasing agreement ensure that clients are not saddled with outdated equipment once the lease expires. Clients can have the option to purchase their leased equipment for a discounted price, or extend the leasing agreement for a minimal service charge.

  • Pro trading at an affordable price

    Trading at an affordable price

    Trading as a service offers clients a powerful advantage: small to mid-sized companies get access to the same technology as the world's leading financial institutions, without costly, time-consuming investments in building up and maintaining their own IT infrastructure. With Trading as a service, Axcess Nordic take care of things like infrastructure, upkeep and brokerage lines, at a predefined and an affordable seating price. 

  • The best technology without the significant investment

    The best technology without the significant investment

    In addition to the costs associated with getting a business off the ground, you have to fight with titans, as your competitors have a seemingly never ending supply of resources and access to the latest, most advanced trading technology on the market. By using Axcess Nordics Trading as a service, you can level the playing field. With Trading as a service you can choose the equipment you need from a menu card and Axcess Nordic handles the rest.

  • Full-service IT without the hassle

    Full-service IT without the hassle

    You don't have to build up an entire IT department in order to run your business. Through a series of strategic partnerships with leading vendors within financial IT-services, Axcess Nordic has assembled an elite product suite of trading station hardware, low latency infrastructure, telephony, trading desk design, server equipment etc. Our clients, regardless of size, can select from some of the leading brands to design the trading desk that suit their particular needs. 

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