Our consulting process consists of three phases: a needs assessment, a testing phase and a design phase. These three steps ensure that our clients receive a trading environment that is uniquely tailored to their business needs.

Step 1: A needs assessment

In this phase, our technical experts conduct a thorough analysis of your IT infrastructure. Through a series of feasibility studies, we examine areas such as:

  • Data latency
  • Security
  • System and data stability
  • Physical layout and space requirements
  • System maintenance
  • Ergonomics

Step 2: Testing

It can be difficult to make a decision just based on a series of reports. Many of our clients prefer to see how the various trading set-ups would function in an actual workplace. To accommodate this need, we install demo installations that allow companies and their dealers to get first-hand experience with our equipment. So our clients know what they are buying and can make decisions based on an understanding of how the systems will operate in their own technical environments.

Step 3: Design

Once the technical specifications are in place, we work with clients to design a trading space optimal for their offices. To assist in this process, we have set up a fully functional, four-seat trading floor in our headquarters in central Copenhagen. Clients are welcome to get an in-person demonstration of an actual trading set-up in order to make more informed decisions about their own trading floor.


We realize that all the designs in the world don't really mean much if they're not implementable. This is why the installation phase is such a crucial part of our full-service offering. With over 12 years' of experience in implementing IT systems in financial institutions, Axcess Nordic is a fully-qualified installation partner. We strive to make our implementation process as smooth and efficient as possible, with a minimal amount of disruption to our clients' daily operations.

Our comprehensive testing and pilot phases ensure that potential issues are identified early on in the process, which reduces the number of surprises when it comes time to install trading stations in our clients' IT environments.

Visit current clients

We facilitate events with current clients, allowing future clients to have a closer look into the experiences gained during complex infrastructure projects. Be able to sit down and talk directly to people that already made the experiences from building or upgrading a trading floor.

Visit Axcess Nordics demo room

The Axcess Nordic showroom based in central Copenhagen is a fully working functional 4-seat trading floor. Experience and try out the full potential of fully integrated systems, and gain an overview from both a technological and a design pespective.


Our commitment to our clients doesn't end once we've installed our trading systems. We recognize that keeping our clients up and running is a crucial aspect of our business. That's why we offer full service agreements on all of our products. Axcess Nordic provides 24/7 assistance throughout the Nordic Region. We have a number of service level agreements, which can be tailored to suit our clients' specific business requirements. Our support encompasses three main areas: 


Our trading stations are comprised of high-quality software and hardware, therefore minimizing the need for extensive maintenance. All station components are fully tested prior to installation to further reduce the likelihood of malfunctions. We also offer ongoing maintenance and cleaning services for some of the more complex products.


If a piece of equipment does malfunction, our instant response team will either replace the item immediately, or provide a temporary replacement while we repair the product. These steps ensure that our clients remain fully operational, even in the event of a system error, and keep the disruption to their business to an absolute minimum.

Technical training

Axcess Nordic offers technical training courses in our offices in central Copenhagen, and through a number of our partners. These classes give clients the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with our trading stations.

  • A trading environment uniquely designed to your specifications

    A trading environment uniquely designed to your specifications

    The fact that we source tools and systems from a variety of business partners means that we are in the best position to offer our clients a set-up that meets their requirements. Our focus is on how we can combine several products to make an optimal solution for each client. We don't think in terms of separate solutions, but rather what is required to create a fully-functioning trading floor.

  • You only have to deal with one strategic partner

    You only need to deal with one strategic partner

    For enterprises, we serve as the middle-man, brokering deals and bringing all the technology together in one place, in order to secure that clients only need to deal with one strategic partner. We help clients carefully think through possibilities, assess and manage risks, and ultimately select the strategic direction with the strongest value potential. We then help clients translate those insights into actionable plans at a technological and business-unit perspective, with execution in mind.

  • Partnering with an experienced vendor

    Partnering with an experienced vendor

    Axcess Nordic has been in business for more than a decade and during that time has worked with some of the largest financial institutions in Scandinavia.

  • We take care of interactions with various vendors

    We take care of interactions with various vendors

    For our enterprise clients, we offer a high-touch, hands-on approach that provides round-the-clock support for their trading floor. We take care of the daily interactions with the various vendors, leaving one less worry for large corporations who just want their infrastructure to work, without interruptions.

  • A set-up compliant with privacy protection laws and governmental regulations

    A set-up compliant with privacy protection laws and governmental regulations

    Our experience with some of Denmark’s largest financial institutions has impressed upon us the importance of providing network solutions that protect the privacy of client information. Our solutions enable customers to work without the risk of being compromised and also make sure that they are able to meet local governmental regulations by supporting voice and screen recordings, detailed log-files, etc.


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