Your design

Imagine if you could design a trading station made up of the top-of-the-line, market-leading equipment from experts in the field? The best telecom system, the best computer hardware, the best server solution available on the market – that would be a powerful combination. That’s what Axcess Nordic has done. Our trading solutions gather the best of the best, in one fully-customizable trading station compatible with highly ergonomic standards. It's best-practice and it's your design.

This concept is divided into three basic solutions; Trading as a Service, Hosting and Deployed Solutions, which enables companies of all sizes to do business beyond imagination.





  • Flexible, fully-scalable desktop trading systems

    Flexible, fully-scalable desktop trading systems

    You select the elements you need and we design it to fit your office environment.

  • The leading trading technology

    The leading trading technology

    We have gathered the leading vendors in the areas of telecommunications, computer hardware, network infrastructure and financial software to offer the most advanced trading station technology available to all sizes of clients.

  • Access to extensive financial information

    Access to extensive financial information

    We believe the right information in the right hands leads to amazing things. A trading station isn’t worth much if it isn’t plugged in to the latest in financial information, news and analysis. Axcess Nordic offer clients access to the most trusted financial news sources in the world. 

  • A singular trading focus

    A singular trading focus

    Axcess Nordic designs trading infrastructure. You get a partner entirely focused on putting together the most effective trading invironment as possible. Each piece of equipment and technology we offer is based on its ability to function in a high-performance trading environment.

Your complete finance IT provider

The complete suite of financial infrastructure solutions, network architecture, trading telephony and best of breed partnerships provides everything clients need to establish or upgrade their own trading floor.

Managed services

Managed services3

Explore the benefits of smart-sourcing

Deployed solutions

Deployed solutions1

Create a powerful trading environment with us

Trading as a service

Trading as a service5

Get everything you need for trading for a fixed monthly fee