Technology takes up a lot of place on a trading floor. And it is not unusual to experience that the physical working environment is affected negatively when technology itself is prioritised higher than the people using it.

This causes trivial problems which can be difficult to solve if the solutions have not been thought into the technological choices and solutions. Heat, noise and a lack of space create an unproductive environment which may even contribute to confusion and perhaps mistakes.

You can solve this by choosing solid technologies which integrate and simplify the user’s access to the systems.

At Axcess Nordic, we are ready to use our experience to help you create a good trading environment. An environment where the individual trader’s working environment is prioritised and improved with compromising technology and the options it provides.

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We help service-oriented companies and organisations throughout the Nordic countries to optimise and develop their customer experience. At the same time, we help Nordic finance houses and energy companies with telephony and information systems.

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