Compliance Recording

More and more industries face new requirements of being able to document the consultancy they provide their customers and having to save that consultancy so that it can be retrieved in case of doubt. At the same time, there are sharpened data protection requirements stating that you have to store the customer’s information in a secure way and be able to delete them on demand.

When it comes to consultancy over the phone, the easiest way to meet these requirements is to record the calls and to ensure that the system you choose can live up to all the requirements with regards to security. The recording systems we deliver do all of the above.


  • Possibility of encryption in relation to PCI compliance requirements
  • Possibility of redundancy to ensure a 99.99% uptime
  • Possibility of implementing on-prem or in a hybrid cloud set-up
  • An administrative point for solutions which are multiple and global
  • Designed for today’s multi-channel contact centre set-up so that voice, screen, chat, etc., can be recorded
  • Possibility of recording traditional PBXs, softphones and trading floor telephony solutions in one and the same solution
  • Supports Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Supports companies’ desire to understand their customers and why they call
  • Supports companies’ desire to understand whether their employees provide best practice consultancy and support

Business cases

Meet legal requirements


MIFID and MIFID 2 stipulate requirements concerning the recording of the financial sector’s management of transactions and communication pertaining to these. Companies, therefore, have to meet the requirements in order not to risk losing a banking licence or receiving fines from public authorities, for example.


Support the possibilities of the optimum customer service


If a company has high customer service ambitions, the recordings of customer interactions (telephone calls, chat, screen displays, etc.) are an important key to being able to understand how the employee has managed a customer and what the customer really wants.


Better risk management


If an organisation records the interactions (telephone calls, chat, screen displays, etc.) which form part of the dialogue between the employees and the customer, it will be possible to play them later and gain tangible evidence of what really happened. Customer disputes are thus easily settled if you have documentation.


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