Be compliant

A modern customer centre faces the huge and complex task of managing all the various regulations, laws and own quality requirements. We can empower you in your efforts to meet all the many compliance requirements.

We can help you by: 

  • recording your calls as documentation
  • recording employees’ screen displays as documentation
  • making it easy to search for and find specific contents within the calls
  • controlling whether you ask the right security questions of your customers
  • automating the identification procedure with Voice Biometrics (voice recognition)
  • complying with the MiFID II-regulations
  • observing the GDPR when you record telephone calls
  • controlling whether you comply with your own rules and guidelines on good practices and consultancy over the phone

About Us

We help service-oriented companies and organisations throughout the Nordic countries to optimise and develop their customer experience. At the same time, we help Nordic finance houses and energy companies with telephony and information systems.

Axcess Nordic A/S

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